in the studio


In this crowded room J.M. Stewart closes her eyes and
remembers a scene that sparked her imagination. "If I
am lucky I'll have a few photographs for reference. An
image, an idea, a mental snapshot can rattle around for
a long time before I get a chance to put it on canvas."

"Stewart uses a palette knife to paint her oil painting. A
palette knife is like a miniature trowel. It is used in place
of brushes. The paint is applied directly to the canvas in
broad strokes resulting in a unique and interesting textural image. "I love painting with a palette knife. It allows me to be free, spontaneous and I cannot get bogged down in painstaking details. I don't lose that spark that inspired me."

Living in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains provides this painter with endless inspiration for land- scapes. Being a bit of a history buff she often enjoys painting local historic places. And a bit of a gardener, the florals are from her own yard. "I have been truly blessed. God has given me a vision and a means to express it."